Rental Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (Rental RRAP) On-Reserve

What is the Rental RRAP On-Reserve?

Rental RRAP On-Reserve offers financial assistance to landlords of affordable housing not owned by the First Nation to pay for mandatory repairs to self-contained units occupied by low income tenants. Mandatory repairs are those required to bring properties up to minimum levels of health and safety.

Who is Eligible?

Owners (landlords) of affordable self-contained housing units located on-reserve may apply if:

  • the household incomes of their tenants are at or below the established thresholds (these vary based on household size and geographic location)
  • the projects have pre- and post-RRAP rents at or below limits established by CMHC
  • tenants are not family relatives of the owner
  • the property is not owned by the First Nation.

Landlords must also:

  • agree to place a ceiling on the rents that may be charged after the repairs are completed
  • limit rent increases during the term of the agreement
  • agree to limit new occupancy to tenants with incomes at or below the income threshold
  • cover cost of mandatory repairs above the maximum forgivable loan available.

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