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New and Existing Non-Profit Housing

Learn how to apply for funding to create new housing on reserve or retrofit existing housing.

  • Non-Profit Housing Program

    Assists First Nations in the construction, purchase and rehabilitation, and administration of suitable, adequate and affordable rental housing on-reserve.

  • Direct Lending

    Provides financing and renewals for eligible social housing projects, offering the lowest average financing rate available.

  • Insured Loans secured by a Ministerial Loan Guarantee

    Band Councils and First Nation members may access CMHC insured financing for the construction, purchase or renovation of single-family homes or multiple residential rental properties.

  • Contributions and Interest-Free Loans

    Seed Funding is available for a wide variety of eligible expenses for projects of any size or scope.

  • Proposal Development Funding

    PDF loans assist with the initial costs of proposal development for projects that offer housing for seniors, the disabled and low-income Canadian households.



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