The Ministry of Housing and Community Development is responsible for affordable housing programs in Manitoba.

The following programs are included under the CMHC — Manitoba Agreement for Investment in Affordable Housing.

Programs to Increase the Supply of Affordable Housing

Programs to Improve Housing Affordability

  • Rent Supplement Program
    Rent supplements to landlords to subsidise affordable rental units. This program serves: Renters including seniors, persons with disabilities and families

Programs to Renovate and Repair Housing

Programs to Foster Safe Independent Living

  • Shelter Enhancement Program
    Forgivable loans for the acquisition or construction of new shelters for victims of family violence or the repair, rehabilitation and improvement of existing shelters for victims of family violence. This program serves: Victims of Family Violence
  • Residential Adaptations for Disabilities Program (PDF)
    Forgivable loans to homeowners and landlords for accessibility modifications for persons with disabilities.This program serves: Persons with disabilities

The following is a link to housing programs in Manitoba that are not included under the CMHC — Manitoba Agreement for Investment inAffordable Housing.

Date Published: March 31, 2018