A secondary suite is a private, self-contained unit within an existing home. It has its own bathroom, kitchen, living area and sleeping area.

Secondary suites offer a number of benefits to homeowners at all stages of life.

Rental income

A home with a secondary suite can provide you with rental income. This can offset your mortgage and other expenses. While most homeowners live in the main part of the house, you can choose to live in the secondary suite. You can then rent the main area and boost your earnings.

A secondary suite also adds resale value to your home.

Age in place

A home with a secondary suite can evolve with you, allowing you to stay in your home as you age. As a senior, you may find the smaller unit more manageable. You may also choose to share your home with relatives. This can allow you to live independently while still having family close by.

Case studies

Communities throughout Ontario have introduced secondary suites. Learn about their municipal policies, experiences in implementation and impact on the community.

Date Published:: March 31, 2018