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About CMHC

CMHC helps Canadians meet their housing needs. As Canada’s authority on housing, we contribute to the stability of the housing market and financial system, provide support for Canadians in housing need, and offer objective housing research and advice to Canadian governments, consumers and the housing industry. Prudent risk management, strong corporate governance and transparency are cornerstones of our operations.

  • What CMHC Does

    CMHC is committed to helping Canadians access a wide choice of quality, affordable homes, while making vibrant, healthy communities and cities a reality across the country.

  • Management and Governance

    Information on the current Minister, CMHC's Board of Directors and mandate of all the committees.

  • Corporate Reporting

    CMHC reports to Parliament and the public on its operations, including mortgage loan insurance, through its annual Corporate Plan Summary, its Annual Report and its Quarterly Financial Reports.

  • History

    A historical overview of CMHC's creation and evolution.

  • Alumni

    The CMHC Alumni Association is an organization of former CMHC employees, including their spouses and surviving spouses, who have joined together for mutual benefit and continued friendship.


(Music plays)
(Image of a four-story apartment complex, an SUV drives past.)
"More than an address or a structure..."

(Image shifts to a shot of a two-story house in the suburbs)
"…A home is the building block..."

(Image shifts to a shot of newly constructed row housing)
 "…of family and society…”

(Image shifts to a young woman putting her arm around her mom, we see a family playing soccer in the yard behind them.)
 "…that gathers us, and holds us together…"

(Image shifts to an interior shot of a kitchen where a young mother and her daughter are baking cupcakes and laughing.)
“…no matter where we’re from.”

(Image shifts to show a young girl in a yellow dress run through a hallway and out the front door to a sunlit yard.)
"We open the door and feel secure in our place…"

(Image shifts to a sweeping aerial shot of a small Canadian town. A Canadian flag is visible waving in the wind.)
" the community..."

(Image shifts to a close-up of a Canadian flag waving in the wind.)
in our country

(Image shifts to a wide shot of Vancouver’s glass and steel waterfront condos.)
"Your own apartment…"

(Image shifts to a flyover of a residential neighbourhood.)
“…your own home…”

(Image shifts to a low angle shot of two sets of feet walking on a sidewalk.
“…your own place to make memories…”

(Image shifts to reveal an older Aboriginal man and a young boy holding hands and walking towards us.)
“…take comfort, and build a better future.”

(Image shifts to an autumn shot of a young Asian family raking leaves in front of a two-story home.)
“…It is a powerful ideal...”

(Image shifts to a close up of a man holding his young son up and spinning around with the warm sun behind them.)
“…that is linked by the strongest of bonds to our identity as a nation...”

(Image shifts show a young couple on the floor of their new home. They are smiling at each other as the man drops the keys into the woman’s outstretched hand.)
“…That’s why for more than 70 years...”

(Image shifts to a shot of a young couple entering their new condo with boxes in their arms.)
[Text on screen: Building an inclusive housing system.]
“…no single organization has been more fundamental to building an inclusive housing system...”

(Image shifts to a rising shot of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation sign and building in the background.)
“…than Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.”

(Image shifts to the wintery skyline of a large Canadian city.)
“…From the biggest cities...”

(Image shifts to shot of a small French-Canadian town.
“…to the smallest towns...”

(Image shifts to a wide shot of the colourful painted houses of Newfoundland.)
 “…of this vast country...”

(Image shifts and we see a two boys playing in a sprinkler.)
“…housing matters…”

(Image shifts to reveal a family smiling at the camera.)
“…to all Canadians.”

(Image shifts to a large group of volunteers in brightly-coloured hard hats and safety vests lifting up a wall of an under-construction home.)
“…Helping Canadians meet their housing needs…”

(Image shifts to a living room where a woman and a man in a wheelchair are looking at a tablet.)
“…is what we do. Our nationally available...”

(Image shifts to young couple talking to, and shaking hands with, a female REALTOR® in a bright and airy apartment.)
[Text on screen: Access to housing.]
 “…mortgage loan insurance facilitates access to rental housing, and allows qualified Canadians to become homeowners.”

(Image shifts to the interior halls of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s head office.)
“Just as important...”

(Image shifts to two men in front of a computer monitor reviewing and discussing the information displayed.)
“…is insuring our lenders have reliable access to funds…”

(Image shifts to slow pan up of a newer apartment block.)
“…providing more choices for Canadians…”

(Image shifts to a small sunlit home in the country.)
“…to find a mortgage...”

(Image shifts to a small group of houses on a rocky shoreline.)
“…no matter where they live.”

(Image shifts to a father and teenage daughter looking at the camera from outside their small country cabin.)
 That’s good, for the homebuyer...”

(Image shifts to a newly built, single family home.)
“…for our housing system...”

(Image shifts to a flyover of a Canadian neighbourhood.)
[Text on screen: Financial stability.]
“…and for the financial stability of our country…”

Image shifts to a couple carrying packing boxes walking towards us through the open front door of their new home.)
“When it comes to opening doors for Canadians, our people are at the forefront…”

(Image shifts to an office where a mortgage professional is consulting another young couple on their options.
“…offering support, guidance and expertise in the field.”

(Image shifts to an overhead shot of a group of people looking over technical schematics.)
And creating comprehensive tools and resources for housing sector professionals.”

(Image shifts to a close-up of a man studying a computer screen. Various stats and graphs overlay his image.)
“The research we do, and the data we collect and analyze…”

(Image shifts to a time-lapse shot of a construction crew and crane building a high-rise condo in Vancouver.)
[Text on screen: Unrivalled insight.]
“…allows us to provide unrivalled insight to an evolving marketplace.”

(Image shifts to an interior office where a retired couple
are meeting with their real estate agent.)
“It helps real estate professionals become more informed…”

(Image shifts to a low angle shot of high-rise buildings
under construction in Toronto.)
“…about what their clients want and expect.”

(Image shifts to an animated blueprint of a city skyline under construction.)
[Text on screen: Develop the right type of properties.]
“It allows developers to supply properties that meet those demands…”

(Image shifts to a shot of two workers as they cut a sheet of building material.)
“…and it informs decisions…”

(Image shifts to a shot of a partially built house as two workers inspect their job.)
“…by all levels of government…”

(Image shifts to a worker carrying a piece of lumber through a newly framed room.)
“…on policy and investment…”

(Image shifts to a shot of newly constructed row housing.)
“…in Canada’s housing market.”

(Image shifts to a dining room as a mother serves lunch to her three children.)
“We know adequate housing creates the conditions for success.”

(Image shifts to an interior office where a group of people are in discussion seated around a table.)
“Working with our partners…”

(Image shifts to a reveal a three-story apartment complex.)
[Text on screen: Support affordable and First Nation housing]
“…we help support affordable housing for all Canadians…”

(Image shifts to an interior shot of an elderly woman looking out a window as her granddaughter embraces her.)
“…including seniors…”

(Image shifts to an interior shot of a kitchen where a husband and wife are having a conversation and laughing.)

(Image shifts to an interior shot of a mother and daughter making a sandwich in a kitchen.)
“…low income households…”

(Image shifts to an interior shot of a soup kitchen, we see a volunteer hand a woman a bowl of soup.)
“…and other vulnerable people in Canada.”

(Image shifts to an interior shot of a group of children at a party seated around a large table.)
“Our quality of life is considered one of the best in the world.”

(Image shifts to a shot of a teen walking his dog near a rural home in the fall.)
“It’s no accident that Canada’s housing system is held up…”

(Image shifts to a shot of a father showing his daughter how to ride a bicycle in a park.)
“…as an example of what we can all accomplish when we use innovation…”

(Image shifts to a profile image of the father and daughter. He runs behind her bicycle helping to push her forward.)
“…and passion to keep moving forward.”

(Image shifts to a family in front of their home. They smile at the camera and hug.)
“Home is at the heart of our country. For many Canadians, it starts with us.”

(On white background.)
(Text on screen: We help Canadians meet their housing needs.)

(On white background. Image shifts to an animation of a red building with a pitched roof that reveals the CMHC logo.)

(On white background. Image shifts to the Government of Canada logo.)

(On white background. Image shifts to four social media logos, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.) [Text on screen:]



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