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We would like to thank the following people who were instrumental in helping us develop Your Guide to Renting a Home.

Mary A Belliveau, Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations, Nova Scotia

Joanne Burns, Consumer Programs, Alberta Government Services, Alberta

Judy Budovitch, Department of Justice Residential Tenancies, New Brunswick

Terry Chinn, Office of the Rentalsman/ Provincial Mediation Board, Saskatchewan

Suzanne Desfosses, Northwest Territories Housing Corporation, Northwest Territories

John Dobrowolski, Credit Check Ontario, Ontario

André Fauteux, éditeur, Maison du 21e siècle, Québec

Russell Godfrey, Residential Tenancy Office, British Columbia

Jack Haller, Office of the Director of Residential Rental Property, Prince Edward Island

Mona Healy, Residential Tenancies Division, Department of Government Services & Lands, Newfoundland

Carol Kiley, Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal, Ontario

Andrew Mills, Landmark Inspections, Ontario

Don Moors, Residential Tenancies, Nunavut

Roberta Prilusky, Yukon Justice, Yukon

Michael Spiegel, General Manager, Trust Management, Ontario

Bev Wire, Residential Tenancies Branch, Consumer and Corporate, Manitoba

Biz-Zone Internet Group Inc.




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