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Initial Inspection Worksheet Primer

The initial inspection is critical and in some provinces/territories it is required by law. When the tenancy ends, an inspection worksheet that is signed by both parties will reduce potential disputes over damages or other changes to the rental unit. The landlord and tenant should complete the inspection together, with both parties signing the inspection worksheet when it is complete.

Tenant: if you have one at your disposal, bring a regular or video camera to document damaged areas. If you do not, consider purchasing a disposable camera to help you document the inspection.

Check each room carefully

Rental units vary widely; it is important to ensure that you have carefully checked each room. When doing the inspection, be sure to check the condition of all of the following elements that apply in each room:

Flooring Light fixtures Switches Outside of building
Any furnishings Paint Mirrors Other spaces, such as separate storage areas and outbuildings
Curtains Electrical outlets Electrical outlets

Also, if applicable be sure to inspect the outside of the building along with any out buildings on the property, such as a garage, workshop, barn, etc.

In each room, watch for specific problems with:

Windows Walls Locks Outside of building
Carpets Doors Electrical fixtures Other: (list on worksheet)
Hardwood flooring Ceilings Switches and Sockets

On the following worksheet you will find several blank spaces. These areas have been left blank intentionally to allow you to specify additional areas that were inspected.


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