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Renting a Place to Live

You're prepared to look for a place to live and you have an appointment to visit a prospective rental accommodation. The information in this section will help you evaluate accommodations:

  • Evaluating Your Options
    Provides worksheets to help you plan your search and evaluate different rentals.
  • Choosing a Safe Place to Live
    Highlights safety issues to consider when looking at rental accommodations, from neighbourhood crime to security of the building and the actual living space.
  • The Rental Agreement
    Outlines key elements of rental agreements and highlights where you can find information specific to the province or territory of your new residence.
  • Deposits
    Provides an overview of rental deposits and their uses and explains what the landlord can require.
  • Healthy Living and Household Hazards
    Looks at the general quality of living spaces, including air, water and possible problems/toxins.



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