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Moving In

Moving is a hectic time. You will need to close down affairs at your existing residence and arrange for services at your new home. Some people arrange for an overlap period during the move from one residence to another. Paying two rents may be costly, but you will have more time to pack, move and set up in your new place.

If you schedule your move at a busy time such as month-end, planning is vital. Moving companies, rental vans and related services, such as phone and cable hook-ups, take reservations months in advance. Most of these services may be completely booked just before and after month-end. As you set up services at a new residence, remember to arrange for the disconnection of services at your current home so you are not liable for long distance calls or utility usage after you have left.

Being organized will help your move go smoothly, so remember important dates and plan accordingly. Use the planning checklist, Three Weeks to Moving Day, to prepare for your move.

When it's time to move, consider purchasing a small notebook or journal to keep notes that will help you manage the move. As you pack, number each box and create an inventory in the notebook. If you opt for loose sheets of paper as you plan a move, keep them in a file folder with all related moving documents.

Did you know...Car and Driver

If you are moving to a new province or territory and bringing a vehicle, you must get license plates for that province or territory. To get new plates, your vehicle will probably have to pass a vehicle safety inspection. The length of residence that requires a change of license plates a from province to province. Drivers' licenses may also need to be changed. Here also, a test may be required. Generally, you have only a brief period of time to make these changes.

Information on how to choose reputable, ethical and professional movers is available from the Office of Consumer Affairs at

To obtain a copy of "The Consumer Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company" please go to$FILE/consumerschecklist.pdf or phone 1-800-635-7943, (from Ottawa) 613-941-5995.



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