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Ending the Rental Agreement

It's time to move on and move out. Protect your rental history; you might need your old landlord for a reference in the future. The right way to end a rental relationship begins with giving proper notice. These tips will help you end your agreement on a positive note:

  • End your tenancy according to your lease. If you need to assign, sublet or break a rental agreement, discuss this with your landlord.
  • Give proper notice that you will be leaving at the expiration of the term of your lease. The amount of notice required depends on the type of tenancy you have (see the Provincial and Territorial Fact Sheets). Put your notice in writing. If you fail to give the proper number of days notice before your departure, you may end up paying for additional months. Note: You are always responsible for paying rent until the end of your lease.
  • Make repairs to ensure return of your full damage deposit with interest, if applicable.
  • After giving notice, allow landlord access to show the unit to new rental applicants.

(Refer to the Provincial and Territorial Fact Sheets and sample letters)



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