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Lease Renewals

It is common to have a fixed lease term at the beginning of the tenancy. But what happens when the initial rental period — often a year — expires? The answer to this question depends on the province or territory of the rental.

For example, in Alberta the lease term may be changed from a fixed term to month-to-month after a fixed term is complete. This means that after the initial fixed term, the tenancy is now renewed on a monthly basis. You are still protected from eviction under the landlord-tenant legislation of the province and the new month-to-month term offers more flexibility for ending the tenancy. In Alberta, with a month-to-month tenancy, you must give 1 month's written notice before the end of the tenancy month to your landlord in order to end the tenancy. If your rent cheque is accepted by your landlord, make sure you get a receipt with the address of the apartment, your landlord's name and the name and phone number of the person who accepted your cheque.

To look up lease renewal terms for the province or territory where you rent, use the Provincial and Territorial Fact Sheets.

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