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Rent Increases

Increasing rent: it's a fact of life. But just how often and by how much is a landlord allowed to increase rent?

Each province/territory handles rent increases differently. (For specifics see the Provincial and Territorial Fact Sheets).

Notice of a Rent Increase

In many jurisdictions, a landlord is obliged to give 90 days notice of a rent increase. The amount of advance notice can vary depending on the type of tenancy-weekly, month-to-month or yearly. In some parts of Canada, an increase may occur only on the anniversary of the tenancy and the landlord must give four months notice.

A rent increase is void without proper notice stating when the increase comes into effect. If your landlord does not give enough notice, you can refuse to pay the rent increase until your landlord gives proper notice.

Tenants often face a rent increase when it's time to renew a lease and only one increase per year is permitted. Some provinces set rent increase guidelines based on cost estimates for heat, electricity, taxes and property improvements.



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