Before Meeting the Landlord

When the time comes to meet a landlord, take care to make a good first impression. Being prepared and following these tips should help.

When Visiting a Property, Come Prepared with:

  • A pen and a copy of the Rental Unit Evaluation Worksheet.
  • A cheque to leave a deposit.
  • Your rental history and appropriate references from current and previous landlords.
  • Credit references (and be ready to approve a credit check).
  • Guarantor information (if applicable).
  • A letter from your current employer stating your annual salary and length of employment or a recent pay stub and contact information.
  • Your list of questions.
  • Information about your pets, if applicable.

Making a First Impression:

  • Know the name and direct telephone number of the person you will be meeting.
  • Go to your interview alone unless you are renting with a spouse or roommate.
  • Dress neatly and arrive on time.
  • Respect the current tenant's privacy if the apartment is occupied.
  • Review your credit report before the landlord does.
  • You never know when you might meet a potential landlord. As you tour neighbourhoods and buildings, be prepared for spontaneous meetings.
  • Courtesy tip: when viewing a rental unit, take your shoes off at the door.



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