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For Renters

Whether you are a first-time renter or an experienced tenant, this section will help you look for and evaluate potential accommodations and understand your rights and responsibilities. Links to useful worksheets and sample letters are also included.

In this Section:

  • Getting Started
    Whether you are a first-time renter or an experienced tenant, finding the right place takes effort and time. The seven parts in this section will help you prepare to look for rental accommodations.
  • Renting a Place to Live
    You're prepared to look for a place to live and you have an appointment to visit a prospective rental accommodation. The information in this section will help you evaluate accommodations.
  • Once a Rental Agreement Has Been Made
    Planning the move, arranging new services, packing: now that you have a rental agreement, you must take care of many things. These six sections will help you prepare for the transition to your new residence.
  • Issues During the Tenancy
    This section addresses practical tenancy issues such as: process for regular repairs, defining emergency repairs, handling landlord-tenant conflicts, rent increases and lease renewals.
  • Moving Out
    You've found a better place to rent or maybe you've purchased your own home. It's time to move again. This segment is designed to help you through the transition.


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