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Understanding Private Rental Housing Investment in Canada
A recent study of the nature and extent of private rental housing investments in Canada.

Adapting Low-Rise Residential Buildings
A guide that helps landlords/property owners renovate buildings to create a barrier-free, three-storey walk-up apartment building. This guide was not designed to substitute for the National Building Code or local/municipal requirements.

Rental Repair and Renovation in Canada
These key findings of the 1996 Statistics Canada study, Rental Repair and Renovation Expenditure Survey, were commissioned by CMHC.

Understanding Private Rental Housing Investment in Canada
This highlights booklet provides fascinating tidbits of data, such as "Canada has about 4 million rental housing units, some 85% owned by the private sector". The reader can also find a few interesting tips, with "broad-strokes" insights into private rental housing in Canada.


Evictions: A Practical Guide to Residential Evictions in Ontario (2001)
Toronto: CCH Canadian. ISBN 1551411466. Ontario — This guide takes a how-to, step-by-step approach to evictions. Complete with forms, this guide is current, making it extremely useful for Ontario landlords.

How to Plan, Finance and Carry out Capital Expenditures (1989)
The Fair Rental Policy Organization of Ontario. CMIC#HD7288.85.C320452. Ontario — This booklet explains how landlords can finance capital expenditures in their rental units from an accounting/bookkeeping point of view.

Landlording: a Handy Manual for Scrupulous Landlords and Landladies who do it Themselves, 9th ed. (2001)
El Cerrito, Calif.: Express. ISBN 0932956254 (pbk). United States — This US publication has received rave reviews from readers, with the Chicago Tribune calling it "…the best property management book in the field." As U.S. landlord-tenant law varies from Canadian, landlords will find most useful the areas of the book that deal with practical matters as opposed to strictly legal issues.

The Canadian Landlord's Guide: Expert Advice for the Profitable Real Estate Investor (2010)
Wiley, ISBN 0470155272 — A guide on how to become a successful landlord in Canada.



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