Programs & financial assistance

Programs and Financial Assistance

Did you know that CMHC invests $2 billion a year to help Canadians find quality, affordable homes?

CMHC’s funding can help create new affordable housing; upgrade existing housing that may be in need of renovations or accessibility modifications; address the housing needs of victims of family violence; and provide rent subsidies for individuals and families in need.

Browse through CMHC’s affordable housing success stories and videos. These personal accounts demonstrate the positive impact affordable housing investments have made on the lives of Canadians.

Housing needs for 20 per cent of Canadian individuals and families cannot be met by the marketplace.

To help, CMHC works with its government, industry, and non-profit partners to improve access to affordable housing for these Canadians.

CMHC’s $2 billion annual investment in housing is improving the quality of life for low-income Canadians, including, seniors, persons with disabilities, people at risk of homelessness and Aboriginal people.

Part of this investment includes providing support to help individuals and families living in existing social housing off and on reserve.

It also includes approximately $240 million toward new and existing affordable housing through the Investment in Affordable Housing (IAH). The IAH gives your provincial or territorial government the flexibility to provide affordable housing programs that meet your community’s housing needs.

Under the IAH, provinces and territories match CMHC’s investment and report to their citizens on how they are using the funding to improve access to affordable housing.

You can find the  reporting done by your province or territory here.

Find out more about the affordable housing programs offered by your province or territory:




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