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Next Steps

In Canada, we have many neighbourhoods that have some of the features described above. Much work is being done at local, provincial and national levels to adapt existing communities and create new ones to maximize these positive features.

You, the consumer, can assist by becoming knowledgeable and asking for neighbourhoods that contain more of these features. You can play an important role
in creating a more sustainable society, and at the same time, benefit from living
in a neighbourhood that is livable, convenient, affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

Hydrostones neighbourhood, halifax, nova scotia
Hydrostones neighbourhood, Halifax, Nova Scotia

When you select the neighbourhood, you can also look for features inside the home that help to make it more sustainable. Bring along CMHC's Healthy Housing™ Practical Tips for a room-by-room guide to features that make the home healthier for you and for the environment.



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