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City of Sherbrooke


Sherbrooke Facts

Population: 201,890 (2011)

Location – Eastern Townships of Quebec
Near Montréal and Québec City, the United States (Portland and Boston) as well as the major highways.

Continental climate; temperatures similar to those in Montréal, but with less humidity; mild winters, longer and hotter summers.

Surrounded by lakes and mountains, Sherbrooke can be compared to an oasis in the heart of the Eastern Townships. The city benefits from the best advantages of both city and country living!

It is the ideal setting to practise outdoor activities, and its vibrant cultural life compares very favourably with that of larger centres. Entrepreneurs will find a host of business opportunities in Sherbrooke.

As well, Sherbrooke is the city with the third highest number of immigrants in the province of Quebec.

Settling in Sherbrooke is not only a good business choice but also a good lifestyle choice!

Sherbrooke features

  • Some fifty specialized research centres.
  • Solid expertise in precision tooling, biomedical and environmental technology, as well as microelectronics.
  • Excellent health system.
  • Renowned universities: Université de Sherbrooke (French) and Bishop’s University (English).
  • Full range of government services.



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