Settlement Services

Most cities have settlement organizations that help newcomers begin their life in Canada. These services can often help you with:

  • English or French classes
  • Finding your first home
  • Job training and getting Canadian credentials
  • Your job search
  • Getting government assistance, if you need it
  • Legal information
  • Opportunities to meet other newcomers

Some organizations offer all these services directly, and some will link you to other agencies that can help.

Each city profile lists settlement agencies, and how to contact them. These agencies are “non-profit organizations.”

Most services they provide are free, or cost very little. Any charges are used to cover the costs of the service, not to make a profit. Most agencies will serve immigrants of any nationality or religion. For example, a Roman Catholic settlement agency will help people of all religions, not just Catholics.

Government Services

The Canadian Government also offers settlement help directly, through the Going to Canada Portal. The Canadian government also provides funding to many settlement organizations. In Canada, most non-profit organizations receive at least part of their funding from government, but they are not run by the government. The information you give them stays confidential.

Many provincial governments also provide some supports to immigrants. Here are some provincial websites:



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