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City of Gatineau


Gatineau Facts

Population: 265,350 (2011)

Location — Eastern Canada
On the border between Quebec and Ontario, at the junction of the Ottawa, Gatineau and Lièvre Rivers.

Continental temperate climate; warm humid summers, cold and snowy winters, particularly in January. Expect wide temperature variations in each season!

Gatineau offers all the advantages of a big city without the inconveniences. People-centred, this city boasts countless green spaces, large sports and cultural facilities, as well as an efficient transit system.

Gatineau is the fourth largest city in Quebec and has the second highest proportion of foreign-born citizens in the province. The Gatineau area is also the second largest urban agglomeration in Quebec. Come join this cultural mosaic…

Gatineau Features

  • City in the province of Quebec, with a predominantly French-speaking population, situated directly across from Ottawa, Canada’s capital.
  • Population profile: young with many families.
  • Area attracting more and more investors and businesses.
  • Major centre of economic and social development.
  • Mix of traditional economic activities and leading-edge technologies.
  • Graduate study programs (university and technical college levels) available to foreign students.



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