City of Chatham-Kent

Housing Information

Chatham-Kent offers a wide range of ownership housing, including small and large houses and condominiums. Property taxes are low, and prices are lower than those in many surrounding communities, and much lower than those in Ontario’s largest cities.

There are also over 11,000 rental homes in Chatham-Kent — about 4,600 in small apartment buildings.

Average rents
The average monthly rent for a one bedroom apartment in April 2013 was $620 and a two bedroom apartment was $701. The average monthly rent for a three bedroom apartment was $654.

Vacancy rate and availability
In Chatham-Kent, the vacancy rate for one bedroom rental apartments was 6.4 per cent and for two bedroom apartments was 5.8 per cent. The vacancy rate of three bedroom rental apartments was not available. This was the proportion of rental apartments that are vacant and ready for move-in in April 2013.

The proportion, in April 2013, of apartments that are vacant or for which the present occupant has given notice to move-out was 8 per cent for one bedroom apartments, 7.1 per cent for two bedroom apartments, and the rate for three bedroom apartments was not available.

Home purchase prices
In Chatham-Kent, the average house price, in 2012, was $144,757.

For more up-to-date information, see CMHC's Housing Market Information website, and the Canadian Housing Observer.

Housing Help

Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation — Housing information for Newcomers

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