Governing Legislation

Provincial and Territorial Laws

Each province and territory has its own co-op act that sets out how co-ops are formed and run. Some acts have a section that specifically applies to housing co-ops, while other acts do not.

Legislation may vary between different provinces and territories, but generally there are many similarities between co-ops across Canada. For example, all co-ops have members, and elect a board of directors. The co-op act directs the creation and maintenance of rules or bylaws, and defines administrative requirements such as filing paperwork with the government and holding an annual general meeting (AGM).

Provincial and Territorial Fact Sheets provide an overview of legal requirements for each province and territory on five topics:

  • Admitting new members to a co-op;
  • Obligations of members to the co-op;
  • Obligations of the co-op to its members;
  • Expulsion of members; and
  • Collecting money owed.



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