Federal investments in existing social housing (built mostly between 1946 and 1993) continue to be substantial. Annually, through CMHC, support is provided to close to 600,000 households on and off-reserve.

The majority of the off-reserve social housing portfolio is administered by provinces and territories under various long-term agreements. These agreements set out the guidelines and conditions for the funding of housing programs, while leaving the administration in the hands of those who are most in touch with local needs. The rest of the portfolio is administered directly by CMHC.

Ongoing subsidies help ensure that lower income families living in these units do not pay a disproportionate amount of their income on housing.

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    Learn more about social housing administered by CMHC and by Provinces and Territories.
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  • Loans Administration and Direct Lending
    CMHC holds and makes loans under various programs to federally-assisted social housing sponsors and First Nations.
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Making a Difference in the lives of Canadians

St. John House, Stratford, PE

“I didn’t have a pension of my own … I could not afford a place at $800 a month. It’s wonderful to be here. It’s been a life saver for me.”

Hazel MacDonald, Resident

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