Sustainability is an economic, social, and environmental concept that involves meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

In This Section:

  • Renovator's Green Guide
    This guide shows how to "green" common renovation projects to make homes more energy efficient, comfortable and affordable, while reducing environmental impact and natural resource consumption.
  • Sustainable Features Profiles
    These fact sheets provide useful guidance on innovative technologies that can be used to make housing more energy and water efficient and reduce the environmental footprint.
  • Sustainable Community Planning
    Our goal is to encourage neighbourhood design and land use planning approaches that reduce costs and environmental impacts, while maintaining community liveability.
  • Water and Housing
    Highlights of recent Canadian and international initiatives to promote efficient water use and conservation technologies.
  • Webcast — Advancing Sustainable and Affordable Housing in Canada
    A growing number of people are interested in making their homes more energy efficient. This webcast on sustainable housing in Canada offers CMHC's current knowledge on tactics, technologies, and practices that can improve the performance of housing.
  • EQuilibrium™ Housing
    EQuilibrium™ Housing offers builders and developers across the country a unique opportunity to stand out as market leaders by building healthier homes and sustainable communities.
  • EQuilibrium™ Communities Initiative
    The EQuilibrium™ Communities Initiative provided funding to developers of sustainable community projects to improve, monitor and showcase sustainability performance.


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