Northern housing

Northern Housing

CMHC in partnerships with Aboriginal communities and others, offers programs, innovative financing techniques and information on building practices which work under cold climate conditions.

Programs and Initiatives

  • CMHC Loan Insurance On-Reserve
    CMHC offers lenders innovative loan insurance options to help First Nation members on-reserve buy, build or renovate homes.
  • On-Reserve Non Profit Housing Program
    This program assists First Nations in the construction, purchase and rehabilitation, and administration of suitable, adequate and affordable rental housing on-reserve.
  • Aboriginal Capacity Development
    Helps First Nations work towards self-sufficiency in housing through the acquisition of knowledge, skills, training and other resources.
  • Direct Lending
    CMHC's Direct Lending Program provides financing and renewals for eligible social housing projects, offering the lowest average financing rate available.
  • Housing Internship Initiative for First Nations & Inuit Youth (HIIFNIY)
    An initiative providing on-the-job training for First Nations and Inuit youth to assist them in pursuing employment in the housing industry.
  • Proposal Development Funding
    PDF loans assist with the initial costs of proposal development for projects that offer housing for seniors, the disabled and low-income Canadian households including First Nations.
  • Programs and Financial Assistance
    Under agreements for the Investment in Affordable Housing (IAH), federal funding is provided to provinces and territories through a single envelope, which combines the Government of Canada’s funding for off-reserve affordable housing and renovation programs. Initiatives may include new construction, renovation, homeownership assistance, rent supplements shelter allowances and accommodations for victims of family violence.

Training and Information

  • Housing Quality Matters
    A comprehensive series of information and training sessions having the objective of enhancing skills and knowledge with respect to housing quality. While there is a focus on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) including mold prevention and remediation, the sessions cover better building techniques, inspecting existing dwellings, property management and basic home maintenance.
  • Fire Prevention in Aboriginal Communities — DVD and Manual
    A 20 minute DVD and Manual that is ideal for volunteer firefighters and housing managers to use as part of fire prevention programs. Watch the DVD now or order a free copy of the DVD and Manual.

Home Maintenance

  • Moisture and Mold
    Useful information about humidity and moisture problems and outlines a number of different solutions to ensure satisfactory humidity levels in the home.


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